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Noun1.Shakspere - English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)Shakspere - English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)
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The first literary result of the foundation of our industrial system upon the profits of piracy and slave-trading was Shakspere.
Ellis, On Early English Pronunciation: With Special Reference to Shakspere and Chaucer, part 1 (London: Asher, 1869), p.
Our research in this essay has also benefited from such earlier scholarship on wordplay as Leopold Wurth, Das Wortspeil bei Shakspere (Wein und Leipzig: W.
Whether spelled Shakespere, Shackspeare, Shakespear, Shakspere, Shaxspere, Shakspeare, Shackespeare, Shackspere, Shackespere or Shakespeare (2), his name is instantly recognized anywhere in the world, as his plays have been read and analysed from a variety of perspectives--dramatic, philosophical, philological, psychoanalytical, historical, religious, musical, feminist, etc.
Decorated with friezes from Shakespeare's time, the pen is also hand-engraved with a reproduction of one the most famous portraits of the playwright and a line from the original parish register marking his baptism: 'Gulielmus filius Johannes Shakspere.
In the first, Poel noted that the Elizabethan Stage Society was founded to "give practical effect to the principle that Shakspere [sic] should be accorded the build of stage for which he designed his plays"; in the second, he suggested that it was intended "to illustrate and advance the principle that Shakspere's [sic] plays should be accorded the conditions of playing for which they were designed".
The playright signed his name Willm Shakp, William Shaksper, Wm Shakspe, William Shakspere, Willm Shakspere and William Shakspeare.
His parents were the stellar legends Ruth Gordon and Jed Harris, and his primary interest for his whole adult life has been studying the authorship question in light of Will Shakspere and the Dyer's Hand by Alden Brooks.
It must have been in 1819 or 1820, when the writer of these lines, being suffering under a painful illness, which made his sleep very uneasy, used to place a volume of Shakspere (sic) on a table with a light, near his bed, that, when awaking in distress, he might get up and endeavour to relieve himself by reading.
Paul, Dean of the Shakspere Society of Philadelphia during the 1930s and 1940s, and praised as an "ingenious idea" by Shaaber, a fellow member of the Shakspere Society of Philadelphia "band of brothers.
The vast majority of people who ridicule the notion that Shakspere (his birth name) was not Shakespeare, and that the Earl of Oxford was, have never examined the facts.
5) Sus comentarios evidencian que tuvo ante si los ejemplares --"the two parts of Henry IV, which lie under our hand" ("Pictorial Shakspere.