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 (shŭk′tē, shäk′-)
n. pl. Shak·tis Hinduism
1. The active manifest power that creates the universe.
2. The consort of the male expression of the divine, especially of the god Shiva.

[Sanskrit śaktiḥ, from śaknoti, he is strong.]


(Hinduism) a variant of Sakti


or Sak•ti

(ˈʃʌk ti)

n., pl. -tis. Hinduism.
1. the female principle or organ of generative power.
2. the wife of a deity, esp. of Shiva.
[< Skt śakti]
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Noun1.Shakti - the female or generative principleShakti - the female or generative principle; wife of Siva and a benevolent form of Devi
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