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 (shŭk′tē, shäk′-)
n. pl. Shak·tis Hinduism
1. The active manifest power that creates the universe.
2. The consort of the male expression of the divine, especially of the god Shiva.

[Sanskrit śaktiḥ, from śaknoti, he is strong.]


(Hinduism) a variant of Sakti


or Sak•ti

(ˈʃʌk ti)

n., pl. -tis. Hinduism.
1. the female principle or organ of generative power.
2. the wife of a deity, esp. of Shiva.
[< Skt śakti]
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Noun1.Shakti - the female or generative principleShakti - the female or generative principle; wife of Siva and a benevolent form of Devi
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In September leading senior yoga teacher Christopher Gladwell will run one of his popular Shakti workshops at yoga studio The Centre in Nicosia.
Shakti is the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power and Hindus believe that Shakti is both responsible for creation and the agent of all change.