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Noun1.Gautama Buddha - founder of BuddhismGautama Buddha - founder of Buddhism; worshipped as a god (c 563-483 BC)
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It is Tibetan Buddhism's most sacred site and is the home to the Jowo Shakyamuni, a revered Buddha statue.
This was said by Deputy Mayor Syed Zeeshan Shah Naqvi on the occasion of 'Peace Walk' organized by the Nepal Embassy with collaboration of MCI in connection with 2561th birth anniversary of Shakyamuni Gautam Buddah.
Born a sheltered prince, Shakyamuni went out into the world to confront and overcome human suffering.
2); and a gilt silver Buddha Shakyamuni at Hollywood Galleries.
La razon radica en las permanentes comparaciones que el "Informe" establece entre la vida de Cristo y la de Shakyamuni, el Buda historico, alli llamado "Sciacca" (60).
Wisdom Hall, the venue for the celebration of Tsongkhapa Day features a 13-foot indoor statute of Buddha Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, the largest Dorje Shugden statute in the world, and an 8 foot statute of Lama Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa lineage, blessings all visitors and the environment.
In the early texts Lalitavistara and Mahavagga, this serpent was among the first creatures to venerate the newly enlightened Shakyamuni by wrapping his coils seven times around the meditating Buddha and lowering his hood as a canopy to protect him from a storm in the fifth or sixth week of his enlightenment.
His Holiness the Dalia Lama has contributed to the relics of the historical Buddha (called Shakyamuni Buddha, Gautama or Sidartha Buddha).
La mancanza di pregiudizi religiosi viene, poi, confermata da uno degli episodi piu toccanti del Milione: nel capitolo 174, dedicato all'isola di Seilla (l'odierno Sri Lanka), Marco e tra i primi a raccontare all'Occidente la vicenda umana e il profondo messaggio di compassione del Budda, da lui chiamato Sergamon Borcani, per una probabile deformazione deH'originario Shakyamuni Budda.
Nichiren argues that the Lotus Sutra is the essential teaching of Shakyamuni, the historical founder of Buddhism.
In the "trace teaching" the Buddha is the historical Shakyamuni who achieved supreme enlightenment under the bodhi tree, but the "origin teaching" goes beyond this to assert that the Buddha first realized Buddhahood over an unfathomable, staggering number of eons (kalpas), measurable only by analogy to the innumerable particles of dust yielded by reducing countless billions of world systems (Stone, "Placing Nichiren" 402).
He writes that Shakyamuni, the historical founder of modern-day Buddhism, "teaches that our actions possess the power to produce happy or unhappy states.