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a.1.Resembling shale in structure.
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A safari trip organized by Escape in Siwa in April 2017 - Yehya Zakaria There are also the ruins of Shaly, a fortress built of salt, mud-bricks and palm logs, and friendly, generous locals who speak Amazigh besides Arabic.
In the Abakaliki-Ogoja region, the sediments were subdivided into the Middle Albian sandy unit at the base (Ekebeligwe Formation), the shaly upper unit of Late Albian age (Abakaliki Shale) and the Early Cenomanian Ibir and Agala Sandstones (Ojoh, 1992).
SSM 2015/3-24 splits into thin shaly layers and preserves, on its top, Characichnos isp.
The Maykop series, by lithological composition, consists of dark-gray and chocolate-laminated shaly clays with numerous imprints of fish, scales of melletas and residues of stems of fossilised Cedroxylon trees.
The calcareous San Juan Formation (Kobayashi, 1937) is 380 m thick and is formed by well stratified limestones with thin intercalations of shale that contains a shaly limestone member in the basal part.
Additional water saturation algorithms help with evaluating complex carbonates and shaly sands.
41) Aside from his sons, other members of Fournier's hunting party up to the 1860s included Mandeville, Tsehade, Anathdary, Shaly, and Abitzelay.
These intervals are separated by silty and shaly siliciclastic-dominated beds with a thickness of 50-200 m.
Permeability prediction in shaly formations: the fuzzy modeling approach.
A hawk set forth below them and circled in the deepening haze and dropped and they kicked their feet out of the stirrups and put the horses forward with care down the shaly rock switchbacks" (59).
the "Arab spring" along with shaly revolution in the USA and Europe will bring back the Arab countries to the middle centuries.
Revil A, Cathles LM (1999) Permeability of shaly sands, Water Resources Research 35, 651-662.