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n. Mythology
The Babylonian sun god, worshiped as the author of justice and compassion.

[Akkadian Šamaš, absolute form of šamšu, sun; see šmš in Semitic roots.]


 (shä′məs, -məsh)
1. The candle used to light the other eight candles of a Hanukkah menorah.
2. A person who assists in the running of a synagogue or its religious services, especially the reading of the Torah. In both senses also called shammes.

[Hebrew šammāš, from Aramaic, servant, minister, probably from Egyptian šmsw, servant, from šms, to follow, serve.]


(Other Non-Christian Religions) the sun god of Assyria and Babylonia
[from Akkadian: sun]
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Noun1.Shamash - the chief sun godShamash - the chief sun god; drives away winter and storms and brightens the earth with greenery; drives away evil and brings justice and compassion
Babylon - the chief city of ancient Mesopotamia and capital of the ancient kingdom of Babylonia
Assyria - an ancient kingdom in northern Mesopotamia which is in present-day Iraq
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Some manifestations explained that she is the daughter of the god of the crescent moon, and the sister of the god of the sun Shamash, and they all together formed the sacred trinity of the sky in Mesopotamian mythology.
At this month's Sundance, former Pixar animator Jessica Shamash will premiere her VR experience for "Wolves in the Walls," where the viewer gets to become an imaginary character inside of a fairy tale based on the Neil Gaiman children's book.
They were identified as Waris Ali s/o Farzand Ali, Shamash Ali, Ansar Iqbal, Mazhar Iqbal, Mohammad Sharif, Saleem Ullah, Fateh Sher, Ramzan, Fayaz Ahmad, Ferzana Bibi,Faisal, Safi Ullah, Intazar, Nasrullah, Luqman, Ikhlaq Hussain,Aman Ullah,Irfan and others.
Jews place the menorah with a straight even line of candles, with the ninth, middle, candle, known as the Shamash, either higher or lower.
In response, Labour's lawyers Steel & Shamash sent a letter warning against publication to our sister paper the Sunday Mail.
Back then, the area's inhabitants worshipped several deities, including Shamash, a god of the Sun.
11,850 s/f of office space at 1300 Allaire Road, Ocean Township from DanaBry, LLC to Ron Shamash.
19) From at least 1880 on, the shamash (caretaker) Yitzhak Natelson owned and operated the mikvah, which was certified kosher by one of the congregation's founders and its first rabbi, Abraham Joseph Ash.
I welcome Yacov Shamash to the Board of Directors and look forward to the contributions he will make to the Company," said Fred Kornberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
While during the dialogue Professor Mumtaz Shaikh, Humaira Shamash and Nobahar Wasan said that one of the major offshoots of climate change remains food insecurity.
I was visiting the Middle East in 2011, when--unexpectedly, again--Ghada, my Jordanian friend of Palestinian descent recommended Memories of Eden: A Journey Through Jewish Baghdad (Northwestern University Press, 2010) a collection of letters, sent by Violette Shamash to her daughter, Mira, and journalist son-in-law Tony Rocca, who together edited the stories into an impressive memoir.