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 (shăng′hī-nēz′, -nēs′, shäng′-)
Of or relating to the city of Shanghai.
n. pl. Shanghainese
1. A native or inhabitant of Shanghai.
2. The variety of Chinese spoken in Shanghai.

[Shanghai + -nese (as in Chinese).]
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The list also featured other styles of cooking, including Jiangzhe, Shanghainese, Cantonese, Pekingese, Sichuanese and Japanese.
Indeed, Shanghainese cynics often snark that there's a reason the lazy, docile giant panda feels so home at home in Chengdu.
Huaiyang cuisine may be confused with Shanghainese due to the city's geological proximity to the region, but are the two are very different, according to Qi.
Mansion on One serves classic Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisine and even boasts a Peking Duck oven that is specially handcrafted to serve the best roast duck in Shanghai.
Shanghai used to be known for its narrow back alleys, where shortage in physical interality had served as the material ground for a peculiar collective persona proper to Shanghainese.
He also visited the Shanghai Zhubaiqiu Youth League Branch, where handicraft learning for young Shanghainese is being promoted.
4 update will also bring dictation support for Shanghainese language, Siri support for cricket scores, improved PDFKit APIs as well as iCloud Analytics options.
Exposure assessment of dietary cadmium: findings from Shanghainese over 40 years, China.
Paradise Dynasty also takes the country's fascination with dim sum to a whole new level with an equally affordable range of authentic Shanghainese spread.
Dishes will offer Sichuan tastes, along with Shanghainese and Cantonese traditions.
Her native Shanghainese sometimes gave her an advantage but often created awkward situations when people expected her to be familiar with current issues in the city.
com WHERE TO EAT IF you want to taste authentic Shanghainese food but you don't want to end up with traveller's tummy, book yourself on the Untour street food sampler (www.