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A river, about 386 km (240 mi) long, rising in north-central Ireland and flowing generally south and west to the Atlantic Ocean through a long deep estuary.


(Placename) a river in the Republic of Ireland, rising in NW Co Cavan and flowing south to the Atlantic by an estuary 113 km (70 miles) long: the longest river in the Republic of Ireland. Length: 260 km (161 miles)


(Biography) Claude (Elwood). 1916–2000, US mathematician, who first developed information theory


(ˈʃæn ən)

a river flowing SW from N Ireland to the Atlantic: the principal river of Ireland. 240 mi. (386 km) long.
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Noun1.Shannon - United States electrical engineer who pioneered mathematical communication theory (1916-2001)
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In these simultaneous observations they thought themselves justified in estimating the minimum length of the mammal at more than three hundred and fifty feet, as the Shannon and Helvetia were of smaller dimensions than it, though they measured three hundred feet over all.
Shannon outside Boston harbor; Marengo = battle won by Napoleon against the Austrians on June 14,
Mary in Heaven has written the vow That the land shall not rest till the heretic blood, From the babe at the breast to the hand at the plough, Has rolled to the ocean like Shannon in flood!
From the child at the breast to the hand at the plough Shall roll to the ocean like Shannon in flood!
Here's a grave I didn't see before -- this one in the iron railing -- oh, girls, look, see -- the stone says it's the grave of a middy who was killed in the fight between the Shannon and the Chesapeake.
Time's finger had turned back his pages, and that was the Shannon sailing triumphant up the bay with the Chesapeake as her prize.
And then follow "The British Grenadiers," "Billy Taylor," "The Siege of Seringapatam," "Three Jolly Postboys," and other vociferous songs in rapid succession, including "The Chesapeake and Shannon," a song lately introduced in honour of old Brooke; and when they come to the words,
The sixth and fifth know that "brave Broke" of the Shannon was no sort of relation to our old Brooke.
Besides his town palace, the Marquis had castles and palaces in various quarters of the three kingdoms, whereof the descriptions may be found in the road-books--Castle Strongbow, with its woods, on the Shannon shore; Gaunt Castle, in Carmarthenshire, where Richard II was taken prisoner--Gauntly Hall in Yorkshire, where I have been informed there were two hundred silver teapots for the breakfasts of the guests of the house, with everything to correspond in splendour; and Stillbrook in Hampshire, which was my lord's farm, an humble place of residence, of which we all remember the wonderful furniture which was sold at my lord's demise by a late celebrated auctioneer.
Evidence suggests John Shannon stabbed his wife and two children then cut his own throat at their rented home in Gibraltar, the Spanish-based newspaper Olive Press reports.
Shannon Murray, 19, from Prenton, died in September at the children's hospital after battling blood cancer.
Tenders are invited for following the enactment of the state airports (shannon group) act, 2014, shannon group plc.