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See Shanxi.


(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Shanxi


or Shan•si


a province in N China. 30,450,000; 60,656 sq. mi. (157,099 sq. km). Cap.: Taiyuan.
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kitchen/living area: Newmarket height adjustable swivel bar stool by Fairmont Park, PS123.99; Bill 6 bottle tabletop wine rack by Mercer41, PS21.99; Rogelio console table by Rosdorf Park, PS270.11; table vase by House Doctor, PS17.99; Flamingo II framed graphic art print on wood by mercer41, reduced to PS66.99 (PS72.99); Shansi sheepskin rug by Skinnwille, PS129.99
Of ipb street from kali ram to ranbir teli, balbir shansi to satish in ward no.
Caption: In 1928, the Shansi Arsenal began manufacture of the Type 17 Pistol, an upsized C96 chambered in .45 ACP.
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Over the decades, suspicion has fallen on three likely candidates associated with the movement of labourers and soldiers to the trenches: Shansi in China, Kansas's Camp Funston and Etaples in France.
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We have used Queen's college step-test, which is most commonly administered step test developed by McArdle et al & Molanoori Shansi et al.
(7) In a letter from General Nieh's headquarters, Wutaishan, Shansi, dated 19 July 1938, Bethune wrote to his New York friend, Elsie Sift, as follows: "As you probably know, we, that is the nurse and I, arrived in Sian and later in Yenan, safely.
Located at Sinhsien near Taiyuan (or Taijuan) in Shansi (or Shansei or Shanxi) province, was the Shansi Arsenal.
In the seventeenth century, most of the country's nitrate beds were found in Shansi, Szechuan, and Shantung: Saltpeter manufacturing and distribution were an imperial monopoly, and participation in the trade required expensive licenses.
Additional specimen examined: Shansi, Chieh-hsiu distr., Mien-shan-ye, Smith 5786 (MO*).
Warlord Yen Hsi-shan in Shansi Province, 1911-1949.