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a city in central Hunan province, in E China. 399,255. Formerly, Paoking.
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- Shaoyang Hengyuan Zijiang Hydroelectric Equipment Co., Ltd.
(50) Two students dominated the association: its first president, Liu Zerong (alias Liu Shaozhou), and the Moscow branch leader, Zhu Shaoyang. Ordinary membership was extended to all Chinese aged above 16, including women, who could pay the five-ruble annual fee.
Acupuncture is one of the essences of traditional Chinese medicine and has a history of more than 2000 years; acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine believe that 'when lesions were located in the brain, the first treatment target should be the Du Meridian.'[22] The Baihui and Dazhui acupoints belong to the Du channel; the former is located at the top of the head and in the intersection between five important channels (the Du channel, Taiyang Bladder Channel of Foot, Shaoyang Sanjiao Channel of Hand, Shaoyang Gallbladder Channel of Foot, and Jueyin Liver Channel of Foot), which commands the Yang inside the whole body and connects the brain in vivo .
Shenting (GV24) and bilateral Benshen (GB13), belonging to the Governing Vessel and Foot Shaoyang Gall Bladder Channel, respectively, are commonly used in treating memory impairment and cognitive deficits [20-22].
Jie Xu, Mengping Jia, Shaoyang Sun, and Xu Wang analyzed data and assisted with experiments.
Abbreviations MDD: Major depressive disorder STRICTA: Standards for Reporting Interventions in Clinical Trials of Acupuncture PSQI: Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index HAMD: Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression HAMA: Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety SDS: Self-Rating Depression Scale TESS: Treatment Emergent Symptom Scale ITT: Intention-to-Treat Set GV: Governor vessel EX-HN: Extra acupoints on head SI: Small intestine meridian of hand Taiyang SJ: Sanjiao meridian of hand Shaoyang SP: Spleen meridian of foot Taiyin HT: Heart meridian of hand Shaoyin PC: Pericardium meridian of hand Jueyin CRF: Case report form.
To reflect the varying behaviors of plant roots within soil under freeze-thaw conditions, roots were selected from Harbin, Dongying, Hefei, and Shaoyang. The geographical locations of the selected root sites are shown in Figure 1.
(1) School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Shaoyang University, Shaoyang, Hunan 422001, China
On July 19,2014, an especially serious road traffic and deflagration accident occurred on the Shanghai-Kunming expressway in Shaoyang, Hunan, causing 54 casualties, injuring 6 people, and creating a direct economic loss of 53 million yuan.
(2) Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Shaoyang University, Shaoyang 422000, China