a.1.Having, or consisting of, shards.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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LAMP BASE Shardy table lamp base, Loaf,, PS80
AC Hoylake kept up the pressure at the top of the Grove Youth Division after they blanked Upton Youth 3-0 as Tom Cavanagh (2) and Lewis Ryan netted while goals from Jacob Shardy and Owen Goodenough resulted in Ashville Youth taking the points in a 2-1 win over Manor Youth.
[27] Shardy Abdullah, Aleff Omar Shah Nordin, Mastura Jaafar, Arman Abdul Razak, Azizan Marzuki, 2013.
College junior Shardy Camargo didn't start her own business but says that the retreats taught her how to scour for scholarships as a means of graduating debt free.
At the same time, we would have [preferred that] the Democratic Front Party continue with us - the coalition was not established to take unanimous decisions but to implement the decisions made by the majority of its members," Mohamed Moustafa Shardy, Al-Wafd MP, told Daily News Egypt.
We have a saying in Shard End - "Once a Shardy, always a Shardy".
Meanwhile, through the research conducted by Shardy (2006) towards the establishment of specific departments or sections for managing local government properties, it was found that the relevant parties are still facing difficulties in determining the main functions that need to be executed by these departments or sections and this situation is seen as a critical form of weakness which cause hardships in effectively managing properties.
Vortex and The Union, Scott, Jill and her mom, Justin Shardy, the guys
1500m, 5th Shardy Nadour (Alun) 5m 38.7s; 8th Florence Chappell (Llanidloes) 6m 30.4s.
It looked like a work of modern art: a shallow soup bowl filled with yellow matter, dark shardy bits and a giant deep fried structure on the top.
Atasya Osmadi, Norfaizah Kamalbaharin, Shardy Abdullah
"The general assembly made its decision based on the opinion of the majority of Al-Wafd Party members - it was a very close vote though, a large percentage of the party members voted to boycott the elections, which shows that there's anger towards the government and the ruling party and that we know these elections won't be fair," Mohamed Moustafa Shardy, Al-Wafd MP, told Daily News Egypt.