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n.1.A broker who deals in railway or other shares and securities.
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Harmood Banner was an accountant and sharebroker who had a very successful career dealing in Liverpool's commercial affairs.
Following a career in funding exploration projects as a sharebroker, he became a member of the Board of Ultra Petroleum in 1996 when it was a Junior Oil & Gas exploration and development firm.
Soni began his career as a cost accountant and sharebroker.
Campbell Maclachlan is an assistant director of sharebroker Wise Speke in Newcastle.
Sudlow was a Liverpool sharebroker and amateur organist who had met with friends in a Liverpool church to practise and perform choral music.
The Sharebrokers Act 1908 provides that no person shall act as a sharebroker unless they are the holder of a sharebroker's licence.
If you want to sell your shares, contact a sharebroker.
Lippert, sharebroker, Hamburg, 1887, in Rothschild Archives (hereafter cited as RAL), XI/121/19; Diamond Fields Advertiser and Commercial Guide, 1887.
The New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZSE) is the national corporate body representing its sharebroker members.
The NCM and the Unlisted Securities facility (traded on the exchange's FASTER electronic system by virtue of backing from sharebroker exchange members) will be shut down by their broker backers at the behest of the exchange following the introduction of the AX.
Edgar juggles' five diverse company directorships (four of which he is a shareholder in) with his two main roles as chairman of sharebroker Forsyth Barr and chancellor of the University of Otago.