Shark ray

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Same as Angel fish (a), under Angel.

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The False Shark Ray is on the brink of extinction after overfishing in the waters off of Mauritania saw its population collapse 80 percent in the last 45 years.
Top excursions include snorkeling or scuba diving at Hol Chan Marine Reserve, swimming with nurse sharks and rays at Shark Ray Alley, snorkeling at Mexico Rocks, diving the Great Blue Hole and sailing to the adorable island of Caye Caulker.
• A snorkeling tour to the world-renowned Shark Ray Alley within the largest Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere
A note on elasmobranches (sharks and rays) of UAE and Musandam, Oman, with special mention of Bowmouth Guitarfish or Shark Ray (Rhina ancylostoma).
Activities such as snorkeling in Shark Ray Alley in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve allow brave souls to pet and feed stingrays and Nurse sharks.
The problem is, he's got fellow loan shark Ray Barboni (Dennis Farina) on his tail and, in order to get anywhere in this cut-throat town, Chili's got to enlist the questionable talents of pint-sized movie star Martin Weir (Danny DeVito).
The prize at stake was a 3-night stay for two in a luxurious one-bedroom suite at Grand Caribe Resort, as well as breakfast daily and a guided snorkeling tour to the world-renowned Shark Ray Alley, which is part of a protected area within the Meso-American Barrier Reef, the largest in the Western Hemisphere.
2005, Field 2005, Hellyer and Aspinall 2005) and the recognised scientific online source "FishBase" (Froese and Pauly 2007), we quickly identified the "shark" as a Bowmouth Guitarfish or Shark Ray (Rhina ancylostoma).