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 (shə-rōn′), Ariel Originally Ariel Scheinermann. 1928-2014.
Israeli military and political leader who served as defense minister (1981-1983) and prime minister of Israel (2001-2006).


 (shăr′ən), Plain of
A fertile plain of western Israel extending along the Mediterranean coast south of Haifa.


(Biography) Ariel (ˈærɪəl). 1928–2014, Israeli soldier and politician; Likud prime minister (2001–06)


(Placename) Plain of Sharon a plain in W Israel, between the Mediterranean and the hills of Samaria, extending from Haifa to Tel Aviv


(ˈʃær ən)

a fertile coastal plain in ancient Palestine: now a coastal region N of Tel Aviv in Israel.


[ˈʃærən] N (also sharon fruit) → sharon m
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Patrick Conroy had come from Sharon, Illinois, to perform the thankless task of starting a weekly newspaper in a town already undernourishing one.
And he had called her his rose, his Rose of Sharon.
e of our forefathers; indeed, I am convinced, that however I myself may fail in the ensuing attempt, yet, with more labour in collecting, or more skill in using, the materials within his reach, illustrated as they have been by the labours of Dr Henry, of the late Mr Strutt, and, above all, of Mr Sharon Turner, an abler hand would have been successful; and therefore I protest, beforehand, against any argument which may be founded on the failure of the present experiment.
When Megastar Sharon Cuneta launched her stellar comeback bid last year, she had her choice of former leading men to pick for her screen consort.
The primary text includes the following essays: Jerry Wasserman, " Walsh and the (De-)Construction of Canadian Myth" (13-28); Shelley Scott, "Sharon Pollock and the Scene of the Crime" (29-46); Jason Wiens, "Ownership and Stewardship in Sharon Pollocks Generations" (47-64); Cynthia Zimmerman, "Different Directions: Sharon Pollock's Doc" (65-82); Wes D.
Sharon may be about to make it up the aisle with Phil, but she's had one of the most tortuous romantic lives in soap history.
Can you give us a teaser of what to expect from those scenes between Shirley " all been Sharon determined wedding and Sharon?
Summary: Lying in state outside the Israeli Parliament Sunday, Ariel Sharon was praised at home for being a military hero, while the Middle East united in condemning the former prime minister as a war criminal.
Palestinians widely loathed Sharon as the mastermind of crushing military offensives against them in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza and as the architect of Israel's biggest settlement campaign on lands they want for a state.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The world will never forget the crimes committed by former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon against the Palestinians, an Iranian lawmaker said.