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or shash·lick  (shäsh-lĭk′, shäsh′lĭk)
A dish consisting of marinated cubes of meat, such as lamb, grilled or roasted on a spit, often with slices of various vegetables; shish kebab.

[Russian shashlyk, of Turkish origin.]






(Cookery) a type of kebab
[from Russian, of Turkic origin; compare shish kebab]

shish ke•bab

(ˈʃɪʃ kəˌbɒb)
small cubes of meat, esp. lamb, usu. marinated and broiled, often with vegetables, on a skewer.
[1910–15; < Turkish şişkebabI=şiş spit (compare shashlik) + kebap roast meat (compare kabob) + -I 3d singular possessive suffix]
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45) Scott notes the cultural and culinary influence of Central Eurasian foods that spread north, including shashlyk and plov, as well as the fruits and melons whose value continues to sustain countless trading networks.
The cuisine, generally speaking, is an offshoot of a pan-Central Asian cooking style based largely on Silk Road exoticisms like grilled kebabs called shashlyk, meat-stuffed pastries, hand-pulled noodle soups and ploy.
bear), Felix (after Felix Dzerzhinsky), Shashlyk (i.
Late-night snacks come in the ever-popular form of the shish kebab, known as a shashlyk.
En los alrededores de Grozny vi una escena muy impresionante: los boeviks degollaron unos cabritos e invitaron a los soldados rusos a comer juntos shashlyk (alambre) y tomar vino tinto caucasico.
Within the next 18 months, all existing KFC and Rostik's restaurants in Russia will be remodeled with a combined menu featuring Rostik's local favorites such as Shashlyk, Cheburek and Pelmeny and KFC's world famous chicken like Original Recipe(R) Chicken, Twister(R) Sandwich and Zinger(R) Sandwich.
Some of the cuisine's flavors were already familiar outside Georgia; shashlyk, the grilled meat from the Caucasus, first appeared on Russian menus in the 19th century, following Russia's expansion into the mountainous region, and Georgian meat stew (chakhokhbili) was already in wide circulation in the early years of Soviet power.
51) Out of a side store, the restaurant sold semiprepared (polufabrikat) shashlyk for anxious would-be customers who could not get a seat to take home.
A vast array of world-famous dishes is in its arsenal, including Russian appetizers and pirogi, Ukrainian borshch, Georgian shashlyk, Azeri lamb stew [piti], Uzbek plov, and many other national dishes.
67) They began with shashlyk, a dish from the Caucasus that was already widely embraced by the public.
The most popular was tkemali, the tart Georgian plum sauce used to accompany shashlyk and chicken tabaka.
As a result of the exchange, Georgian-style shashlyk, the stew chakhokhbili, and cheese-filled khachapuri were introduced to Kiev's cafeteria menus.