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1. Hinduism
a. A body of teaching composed in Sanskrit and addressing a particular aspect of religious or cultural practice.
b. A canonical text forming a part of such a body of teaching.
2. Buddhism A commentary on the sutras, generally composed in Sanskrit.

[Sanskrit śāstram, from śāsti, he commands, governs, instructs; akin to Albanian thom, I say.]


(ˈʃɑːstrə) ,




(Hinduism) any of the sacred writings of Hinduism
[C17: from Sanskrit śāstra, from śās to teach]
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He said that the purpose of 'Shastra Puja' (worship of weapons) was to ensure safety and protection as well as see that weapons were not misused.
" The CM started the shastra puja tradition on Vijaya Dashami in 2002.
So, you have a step well, temple, baradari ( an open pavilion with 12 arches), and a pool designed according to the principles of vastu shastra.
Tenders are invited for purchase of ayurvedic medicines/drugs for institute of post graduate ayurvedic education and research at shyamadas vaidya shastra pith
Chandrasekhar Rao's "obsession" with vastu shastra (means science of architecture and construction similar to the Chinese feng shui).
Tenders are invited for purchase of herbs/raw materials for institute of post graduate ayurvedic education and research at shyamadas vaidya shastra pith
KCR is a strict adherent to Vastu Shastra and does not do anything without consulting on the matter.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Additional Ei And Renovation Upgradation Energy Saving Fans And Fittings Ras Shastra Deptt At Nia Jaipur Sh Providing Switch Gear In Labs
Chandrashekhar Rao was hesitant to occupy the massive CM's camp office at Begumpet believing that it was inauspicious and not in accordance with Vstu Shastra, Chief Minister-designate of residuary state of Andhra Pradesh N.
The film, based on the lives of two children born within minutes of India's independence from British rule, also saw Mehta turn to the 'Natya Shastra' an ancient Indian treatise on theatre.
Tenders are invited for providing switch gear in labs in connection with Provision of additional EI and Renovation Upgradation Energy Saving fans and fittings Ras Shastra deptt At NIA Jaipur
Patna: Puzzled at the large-scale desertions by party leaders at this crucial juncture, embattled Rashtriya Janata Dal president Lalu Prasad has turned to Vstu Shastra to ward off further misfortune and ensure a good electoral performance in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.