Shatt al Arab

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Shatt al Ar·ab

or Shatt-al-Ar·ab  (shăt′ ăl ăr′əb, shät′ äl)
A river channel, about 195 km (120 mi) long, of southeast Iraq formed by the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and flowing southeast to the Persian Gulf. The Shatt al Arab forms part of the Iraq-Iran border, and navigation rights to the channel have long been disputed by the two countries.
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Be it the Shatt Al-Arab River or the canals, Basra's water resources have fallen victim to "decades of pollution, mismanagement and corruption," according to a recent report by the Human Rights Watch (HRW).
We will implement our agreement on the Shatt al-Arab, as well as the railway between Basra and Shalamja, and electrical connections, and facilitate visas for citizens and investors, and other forms of cooperation, in addition to the construction of industrial cities, "calling for the establishment of time limits to implement all our agreements and agree in all areas, in addition to the need to hold meetings between Iraqi security officials and their Iranian counterparts on border issues and smuggling and drugs, pointing out the joint cooperation to face the threat of floods that the Iraqi and Iranian people are suffering and the solidarity of Iraq and its people with the families of the victims.
BAGHDAD, March 12 (KUNA) -- Baghdad and Tehran announced on Tuesday their commitment to the Algiers agreement signed in 1975 on the Iraqi-Iranian borders in Shatt Al-Arab. In a joint final communique following bilateral talks during Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's visit, the two sides said they are determined seriously to implement the borders agreement and its relevant protocols.
"Zebari will visit Iran after the parliamentary elections in Iraq to continue negotiations on issues related to Shatt al-Arab (Arvandroud)," Sheikh told FNA.
While at one point in history, the Thalweg of the Shatt al-Arab river between the two left the entire river in Iraqi hands, a 1975 treaty moved the Thalweg to the midpoint of the river.
Under the ten-year agreement with a consortium led by North America Western Asia Holdings (NAWAH), the companies will invest in a new heavy-lift crane as well as container handling capabilities and build a modern container yard in one of the 14 berths in the Shatt al-Arab waterway port.
Shatt al-Arab: Commercial traffic has resumed on the strategic Shatt al-Arab waterway after 31 years, with the official opening of a port for oil giant Shell, an Iraqi official said on Tuesday.
"Shell asked to build its own dock on the Shatt Al-Arab at their own expense and we gave them an initial approval," Kudhair said in an interview in the oil hub city of Basra.
The Tigris and Euphrates enter the city as one river called Shatt al-Arab after their confluence in Qurna, north of Basra.
Rasheed said Turkey, Iraq's neighbor to the northwest, had built several dams and reservoirs on Iraq's two main rivers --the Tigris and Euphrates--which flow from Turkey down into the Shatt al-Arab waterway and into the Persian Gulf.
"We also have problems with the Shatt al-Arab channel.