Shave grass

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(Bot.) the scouring rush. See the Note under Equisetum.

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And among the plastic tubs are herbs and spices such as masala chai tea, fenugreek herbs, mango powder, lavender, eucalyptus seeds, Peruvian pepper tree, valerian, rose buds, spearmint, lemongrass, anise leaves, shave grass, cat's claw bark, wormwood and chamomile flowers.
This new Paul Mitchell Super Strong three-part strengthening system of daily shampoo (pounds 8.50), conditioner (pounds 10.75), and weekly treatment (pounds 12.75) contains fibre strengthening vegetable proteins (nettle, watercress, shave grass and cherry bark) which penetrate the cortex and help moisturise and strength.
I tested the Restore and Replenish, a rich cream that contains lady's mantle and shave grass to soothe and destress all skin types.