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 (shə-wär′mə) also shwar·ma (shwär′-)
Meat, especially beef, chicken, or lamb, that is marinated, roasted slowly on a spit, and cut in thin slices, often wrapped in pita bread and served with various vegetables and tahini sauce.

[Arabic šāwurma, šāwirma, from Turkish çevirme, a turn (as on a spit), meat roasted on a spit, from verbal n. of çevirmek, to turn, from Old Turkic çevürmek, perhaps alteration of earlier tevirmek.]
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Summary: An online video in Khor Fakkan showed a shawarma stand placed in a bucket on the floor
PESHAWAR -- Food Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa conducted raids at different markets and food points at Kohat road, Mirch Mandi and sealed a big shawarma bread and spices factories here on Friday.
Cruz has been on showbiz hiatus since October 2017 but recently appeared in a commercial of a shawarma chain.
The restaurant includes several varieties to choose from such as ice cream, natural juices, appetizers, shawarma, falafel, grills and pastry.
When my eldest James first did that, he came home and told me he ordered a P145 shawarma.
A WELL-KNOWN Bahraini actress has been put on medication for up to six months after falling ill from eating a shawarma.
Attock -- As many as 33 people including women and children were hospitalized after eating toxic shawarma in Attock on Monday, police said.
It was also around that time that my parents were trying to teach my then shy self to be more assertive, and my dad devised a plan whereby the more assertive I was during that holiday, the higher my chances would be of getting another shawarma from Tarboush.
Although they are famed for their halloumi fries, the Hafla Hafla team will be debuting a full menu including mezze boxes, lamb shawarma and falafel wraps.
Summary: The short film is being called a very relatable, feel-good story which is a tribute to every shawarma maker in the UAE.