She's hurt

She's hurt 
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Despite my daughter's bad taste in partners and the fact she's hurt us very badly, I still love her.
Then, before I knew it, I had to find my focus and compose myself while I'm thinking about how she's hurt and whether she's going to be OK.
She's hurt her ankle and Chickaletta has flown off and needs the Paw Patrol's help.
When she sees how she's hurt Jenny's feelings, she wonders how she'll regain the relationship she values far more than being invited to sit with the popular girls.
She also apologized to anyone she's hurt in Arab celebville and told those who have hurt her: "I forgive you.
She's hurt by his lack of trust, so when she takes a pregnancy test and it's negative, she announces their marriage is over and spends the night at Nicola's house.
LIZ HURLEY says she's hurt by criticism from British critics, especially cruel jibes about her son Damien.
Now she has to share the spigot with another bartender and she's hurt and angry.
At fifteen she's hurt when her stepmother introduces her to family friends as "Carl's daughter.
It was also decided early on to double the original pitch's runtime to four hours to better focus on character details and chronology, meaning there's time to show Barrow suffering in jail after initial failed robberies, while also focusing on fame-obsessed Parker's determination to keep them from quitting while they're ahead--or even after she's hurt in a ear crash.