She can't move

She can't move   
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CORONATION STREET: Eileen meets with Jan at a truck stop and explains she can't move away with him
"I've moved on, but she can't move on," Madri said.
In those moments, she would suddenly find it hard to breathe and she can't move her body.
Instead he has not made his mark, save occasional gaffes," claimed one May ally, who adds, pointing to Britain's upcoming EU negotiations: "She can't move him, but I think deep down he knows that the past two years have not been good for him, and that a Cabinet row on the customs union could give him the ideal opportunity to resign with his head held high."
"My friends were saying, 'She can't move,' and were trying to get them off me, but once out of the pit they then told me I would need to walk over to the first aid area.
Claire's great secret for living well in the midst of pain and impending death is to laugh as often as possible, to keep moving until she can't move anymore, and to bring curiosity and wonder to her quest for new discoveries.
As the meal comes to an abrupt end, Mick warns Linda that if she can't move on, then their relationship might well be over.
Mick doesn't know what to do or say when his L admits she can't move on from his infidelity.
01978 263 656 Caitlin's mum Mel Hooper, 47, from Borras in Wrexham, said: "Caitlin can't really talk and just says the odd | Caitlin Chapman with mum Mel Hooper, and Carol Gardner of Wrexham Dynamic plus UCML commercial director Kathryn Lloyd and staff members David Vickers and Ryan Elliman PIC: MIKE DEAN (EYE IMAGERY) word and because she can't move her arms she isn't able to feed herself.

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