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(ˈʃɛkəm; -ɛm)
(Placename) the ancient name of Nablus
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(ˈʃi kəm, ˈʃɛk əm; Heb. ʃəˈxɛm)

Hebrew name of Nablus.
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At two o'clock we stopped to lunch and rest at ancient Shechem, between the historic Mounts of Gerizim and Ebal, where in the old times the books of the law, the curses and the blessings, were read from the heights to the Jewish multitudes below.
The attempt in this volume may be illustrated by Lohfink's contribution: 'Moab oder Sichem - Wo Wurde Dtn 28 nach der Fabel des Deuteronomiums Proklamiert?' The issue is whether the curses and blessings of this chapter are intended to be a continuation of the provision made in Moab for a ceremony at Shechem after the occupation of the land begun in ch.
Along with Caesarea, the city of Sebastia north of Shechem (Nablus), Herodian, and the Temple, the winter palaces Herod built for himself at Jericho were the grandest of his projects in the Holy Land.
The Bible relates laconically that Jacob arrived at Shechem shalem--whole (Gen.
Four years after the Disengagement, a small group of activists have managed to reestablish a Jewish presence in Homesh, just northwest of Shechem.
Among the topics are the word of God in creation and history, the logos in the prologue, the calling and testimony of the first disciples, a possible literary source for John 2.1-11, John the Baptist and his followers, and Shechem and Samaria in New Testament times.
A particularly fascinating observation made in this chapter is how Shechem and Jerusalem emerge and re-emerge as cultural centers from the time of the Middle Bronze Age all the way through to the Ptolemaic period (p.
As far as Abdullah is concerned, he demands Israel return to the good old days before 1967 when Jordan failed to implement the Freedom of Access to Jews to Holy sites, just as we now see history repeating itself with the actions of the PA in Shechem and Aza.
Baarda compares the Shechem episode in the Testament of Levi with other traditions, J.
Hours before the attack, the terrorist, a resident of the PA-controlled city of Shechem (Nabulus) in Samaria, Abu Al-Keraa, wrote on his Facebook account that he hoped to "raise the banner" for "Allah's sake."
Commentators on the midrash (cited by the Torah Shelemah on 45:27) connect this idea with the situation described in Genesis 37:12, where Jacob sends Joseph off on his own to see how his brothers are faring in Shechem. They add the following details to the biblical story: Jacob is concerned for Joseph's safety, and wants to escort Joseph to his brothers, but Joseph insists that it is not necessary.
Shechem IV; the Persian-Hellenistic pottery of Shechem/Tell Balatah.