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(ˈʃɛkəm; -ɛm)
(Placename) the ancient name of Nablus


(ˈʃi kəm, ˈʃɛk əm; Heb. ʃəˈxɛm)

Hebrew name of Nablus.
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At two o'clock we stopped to lunch and rest at ancient Shechem, between the historic Mounts of Gerizim and Ebal, where in the old times the books of the law, the curses and the blessings, were read from the heights to the Jewish multitudes below.
The terrorist, who is, at the moment hiding in Shechem (Nablus) should know that because he killed a Jew, there will be 800 housing units here.
Along with Caesarea, the city of Sebastia north of Shechem (Nablus), Herodian, and the Temple, the winter palaces Herod built for himself at Jericho were the grandest of his projects in the Holy Land.
After the rape, Shechem tells Hamor to "get me this girl for a wife.
ENRAGED The Biblical story begins when Dinah, the teenage daughter of Jacob, goes out for a walk and is raped by a local prince, Shechem.
Abimelech was proclaimed king by the people of Shechem, but his rule was characterized by violence, deceit, and dishonor (Judges 9:22-55).
Some say the conflict was born more than 3,000 years ago, when Moses espied the green strip of Jericho from Mount Nebo, on the other side of the Jordan River; or earlier still, when Abraham first passed through the land of Canaan and rested in Shechem, close to today's Nablus.
After violating Dinah, Shechem realizes that he loves the maiden and asks his father, Hamor, to secure Dinah as his (Shechem's) wife (34:3-4).
Normally I would think of Joseph the gifted and beautiful boy, the wise boy who knew how to extricate himself so tactfully from every trouble that befell his family, the boy who dreamt of wheat stacks, the boy who went to Shechem to tend his sheep.
Goff critiques Ben Sira on the Samaritans of Shechem, Hasmonean Judeans, and other Palestinian groups.