Sheep pox

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(Med.) a contagious disease of sheep, characterixed by the development of vesicles or pocks upon the skin.

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Bivalent vaccine containing attenuated PPR virus and sheep pox virus (SPV) induces the same anti-PPR-VNT antibody response in sheep as that of monovalent PPR vaccine (Chaudhary et al., 2009).
Strains from goatpox and sheep pox share at least 147 genes (7).
Development of a recombinant epsilon toxoid vaccine against enterotoxemia and its use as a combination vaccine with live attenuated sheep pox virus against enterotoxemia and sheep pox.
Isolated cases of sheep pox, swine fever, listeriosis, pulpy kidney, virus diarrhea, tuberculosis, horse lymphangitis, etc.
All animals of flocks were reported to be dewormed two to three times a year and were vaccinated against Enterotoxemia, PPR, sheep pox with history of inconsistent foot and mouth vaccination.
Additionally, coordination is underway for the implementation of veterinary preventive vaccination campaigns against clostridium and sheep pox disease targeting 350,000 animals including sheep, goats and cows in the project targeted districts plus other affected neighboring districts such as Khab Wa Al-Shaef, according to the news release.
performed to livestock against various diseases including ATV, CPP, PPR, Sheep Pox in the district.
The village of Pyatimar in West Kazakhstan region has been quarantined as the sheep pox outbreaks, the Kazakh media report citing rural district mayor Olzhas Rakhimov.
An outbreak of sheep pox remains a concern in the region.
He said untimely and low rainfall have caused domestic crop failure, coupled with outbreak of sheep pox epidemic in small livestock linking to food insecurity and high number of deaths including that of children in Tharparkar.
Thousands of live stock animals including sheep, goats, cows and camels have perished due to "sheep pox" disease at Tharparkar.