Sheep walk

a pasture for sheep; a sheep run.

See also: Sheep

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Last July the teenager launched Sheep Walk Snowdonia, a sheep trekking enterprise for holidaymakers.
Every house is humble, and cows and sheep walk around.
But she suffered health problems and became the butt of jokes, such as: two sheep walk into a baaaa.
The sheep walk along these crests on their way to and from their hilltop feeding grounds.
The sheep walk and the promenade through Jerusalem allude to particular conflicts.
Some 80 acres bye-land is permanent pasture, with an enclosed sheep walk on Rhobell Fawr.
Even the sheep walk up the hills to take in the scenery
Soon after Mills bought Loretta Lodge from Brian Swift's executors, the Great Hurricane of 1987 looked to have spread enough trees across the Sheep Walk to stop Hitler's invasion itself.
LOIS Jones' sheep walk venture received support via AGW's Time To Venture initiative, which mimics the "20% time" concept used by private sector firms such as Google.
Sheep Walk Snowdonia (Llywbrau Defaid Eryri) will be launched on July 1 at 150-acre Tyn Drain farm, home to the 50-head Bryn Hir herd of pedigree Welsh Black cattle.