n.1.One who shears, or cuts off the wool from, sheep.
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It has been dominated by New Zealand's famous sheep-shearer David Fagan, who has won the competition a record five times.
You're a handsome Aussie sheep-shearer who has to move your stubborn ewe to the right spot so you can get at that wool.
Which is why I don't want to hear any complaints after Saturday's wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester's daughter Lady Davina, and a Maori builder called Gazza - the son of a sheep-shearer and a housemaid.
On the rebound, she marries a barely literate sheep-shearer.
He gave up rock music at 17 to become a sheep-shearer and travel-writer before eventually buying El Valero, a remote mountain farm in a beautiful part of Spain's Andalusia.
She had previously been abused by an elderly priest there and the attacks by Paterson, 47, a New Zealand-born sheep-shearer, went on for two years.
The robotic sheep-shearer and the floating bicycle failed to catch on, while Baxter's assertion in 1965 that paper pants would replace conventional underwear in three years' didn't quite come true.
This week, Maggie's fellow presenter Kieran Prendiville was shown introducing two exciting inventions from 1981 - the robot sheep-shearer and the compact disc.
However, she told Aberdeen Sheriff Court New Zealander Paterson, 47, a former sheep-shearer, groped her and exposed himself to her.
Known in the village as "Miss Helen", Martins worked with three local men in her 30-year creative endeavour, the most important of whom was former sheep-shearer Koos Malgas with whom she collaborated for the last 12 years of her life.
This week, the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd will, as it has done every year since 1904, celebrate Welsh farming's best offerings - from hulking Welsh Black cattle to lightning-quick sheep-shearers.
And farmers unwilling to splash the cash on electric sheep-shearers can read about the virtues of owning a 12-ft therizinosaurus, which will do the job in half the time.