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n.1.Act of shearing sheep.
2.A feast at the time of sheep-shearing.
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They were much quoted at sheep-shearing and haymaking times, but I refrain from recording them here, lest Tom's wit should prove to be like that of many other bygone jesters eminent in their day--rather of a temporary nature, not dealing with the deeper and more lasting relations of things.
WALES' national sheep-shearing team had an unforgettable journey to this year's World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships in New Zealand.
cymru/sioe covering the main ring and the sheep-shearing competitions, with optional Englishlanguage commentary on the daytime coverage, as well as evening highlights.
If you can't make the sheep-shearing weekend, don't worry, there will be loads of fantastic activities and crafts throughout the summer break, with pond dipping and explorer packs available every day.
After meeting a ram called Fred and watching sheep-shearing, they were shown a tuft of alpaca wool by exhibitor Lyn Crejan, 67.
Rebecca Simpson was the first to correctly identify the September/October mystery tool as a sheep-shearing chair, on which the sheep are placed to make shearing a little easier.
SHEAR CLASS Sheep-shearing at last year's Northumberland County Show
The 1875 patent for this sheep-shearing chair says, "The sheep, having been placed on the seat in the position desired for commencing the clipping, is not moved during the entire process.
He has also been spending his summer holidays there, and these two books tell of life on an Australian farm, one telling of the sheep-shearing of spring and the other of life during the summer when their lives are threatened by a bushfire.
The children, aged from 12 upwards, saw demonstrations of sheep-shearing, wool-spinning, milking and horticulture.
There will also be a Punch and Judy show and sheep-shearing demonstrations at the farm in Clarence Street, Hillfields.
Adjacent to the sheep-shearing demonstrations, members of the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild and Los Angeles Fiber Guild were showing the various ways wool can be used, including spinning yarn and even using the wool directly for weaving.