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Adj.1.sheeplike - like or suggestive of a sheep in docility or stupidity or meekness or timidity
docile - willing to be taught or led or supervised or directed; "the docile masses of an enslaved nation"
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With aim aright, With quivering flight, On LAMBKINS pouncing, Headlong down, sore-hungry, For lambkins longing, Fierce 'gainst all lamb-spirits, Furious-fierce all that look Sheeplike, or lambeyed, or crisp-woolly, --Grey, with lambsheep kindliness!
The man was blubbering and staring with sheeplike eyes at the lieutenant, who had seized him by the collar and was pommeling him.
The other eye, sheeplike in its mildness, gave the most startling appearance to the beast, which but for that single timid orb was the most fearsome thing that one could imagine.
Were I one of these writer-fellows, I should probably say that her features were Grecian, but being neither a writer nor a poet I can do her greater justice by saying that she combined all of the finest lines that one sees in the typical American girl's face rather than the pronounced sheeplike physiognomy of the Greek goddess.
What women's acuteness really respects are the inept "ideas" and the sheeplike impulses by which our actions and opinions are determined in matters of real importance.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's self-described "faint, sheeplike" objection to Trump's approach was as close as the leaders got to a public discussion, much less resolution of their disagreement.
"Just to register a faint sheeplike note of our view on the trade war," he told Trump.
The correspondence from Mr Thomas of Neath (Western Mail January 24) brought to mind the Judas Goat, where the goat in the Brexit debacle is the rabid Leave faction of the Tory Party with their sheeplike followers bleating pathetically but loyally as they are led trustingly into the abattoir.
FINAL THOUGHTS "As a gun dog, the Spinone is handicapped in three ways--by the name 'Spinone,' which sounds like 'spumoni,' a popular Italian ice cream; by its wooly appearance, which from a distance makes the breed look more sheeplike than dog-like; and by its performance in the field, which is slower than that of the faster standard pointer." This is the opinion of Lena Amerian, a Spinone owner, breeder and hunter for more than 20 years.
The genus suggests they are goats, but with their round, sheeplike horns, they were originally considered sheep.
At one point in Monty Python's Life of Brian, the ridiculous protagonist finds himself at an upper window, addressing a large crowd of determined, sheeplike followers: "You don't need to follow me," he cries.