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1. A food fish (Archosargus probatocephalus) of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the Americas, having dark vertical markings and a short blunt snout.
2. A freshwater drum (Aplodinotus grunniens) of North and Central America, valued as a sport fish.
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n, pl -head or -heads
(Animals) any of several sparid fishes with strong crushing teeth, esp Archosargus rhomboidalis, of the American Atlantic, which is marked with dark bands
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n., pl. (esp. collectively) -head, (esp. for kinds or species). -heads.
1. a deep-bodied, black-banded food fish, Archosargus probatocephalus, inhabiting Atlantic coastal waters.
2. a freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens, of E North America.
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Noun1.sheepshead - large (up to 20 lbs) food fish of the eastern coast of the United States and Mexicosheepshead - large (up to 20 lbs) food fish of the eastern coast of the United States and Mexico
sparid, sparid fish - spiny-finned food fishes of warm waters having well-developed teeth
Archosargus, genus Archosargus - a genus of Sparidae
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Sheepshead and croakers from American coffee, with real cream.
But what if, in reality, without the least desire to be offensive, that sheepshead had a notion in earnest that he was superior to me and could only look at me in a patronising way?
"No, ma'am, not at all." (She would be considerably surprised if informed that he dined to-day on a sheepshead, a loaf, and three cabbages, and is suspected of a leg of mutton.)
To assess whether the arrays could be used as a quantitative tool to measure the expression of multiple genes at varying concentrations of an estrogenic chemical, we examined male sheepshead minnows exposed for 4 days to nominal concentrations of 0, 20, 100, or 1000 ng/L E[E.sub.2] (Folmar et al.
The best big sheepshead fishing of the year is offshore on wrecks in March.
Cammeby's announced that 626 Sheepshead Bay Road, a commercial and retail building currently under construction in Coney Island, is now 50 percent leased.
The 142-year-old United Methodist Church in Sheepshead Bay will keep its steeples [YourNabe]
On such windy days, the best bet will be inshore fishing for sheepshead or finding a spot on the beach, fishing for pompano.
Currently under construction, Neptune/Sixth encompasses a freestanding office and retail building at 626 Sheepshead Bay Road that is scheduled to be completed by year's end, as well as 532 Neptune Avenue, a mixed-use retail and luxury rental apartment building, for which work has also commenced.
Zig Zag Records, 35-year-old store on Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay, closes its doors [Sheepshead Bites]
Sheepshead are hugely popular with SW Florida anglers during the winter because they bite well in blustery water and aren't put off by water that's silty from windy weather.
Muss Development announced the launch of sales at 1 Brooklyn Bay Condominiums, the developer's new luxury residential tower in Sheepshead Bay, and the tallest building in South Brooklyn.