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or sha·ha·dah  (shə-hä′də)
The central statement of faith in Islam, recited ceremonially by new converts and consisting of an affirmation of the uniqueness of God and of Muhammad as God's prophet.

[Arabic šahāda, a witnessing, testimony, shahada, from šahida, to bear witness, testify, confirm; akin to Aramaic səhed, to bear witness.]
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Noun1.shahadah - the first pillar of Islam is an affirmation of faith
pillar of Islam - (Islam) one of the five religious obligations accepted by all Muslims
witness - testimony by word or deed to your religious faith
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- Muhammad Shehada (@muhammadshehad2) ( August 1, 2019[twitter-tweet]
Samah Shehada from Galilee and Sanaa Bishara from Nazareth
As the three-day "(Re)Imagining Home" conference began, Awad took part in a discussion on Arab refugees with Middle East analyst Ibrahim Al-Assil, Director General of the Institute for Palestine Studies Salma El-Yassir, and the communication and youth development specialist at Education Above All, Hani Shehada.
Director of Idhna's Municipality's Public Relations Department Abdul-Rahman al-Tmiziy told WAFA that Israeli forces raided Khirbet al-Ras, close to Israel's to the west of the village, and handed Shehada and Mahmoud al-Jiyawi an order to halt the construction of their homes.
The "Association of Total Body Fat with Mineral Status Among Adults" was the subject of the research project presented by Alaa Shehada, Eman Abdelnasser and Reem Ali under the supervision of Dr Abdelhamid Kerkadi.
"We have developed a strong leadership team that cascaded the vision, involved and engaged the employees," said Ismail Shehada, general manager, Astrazeneca Saudi Arabia.
Wala Shehada, Dental Hygienist, Dr Roze & Associates Dental Clinic has some tips to maintain good oral hygiene during Ramadan.
Mark tells this story alongside Faisal Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada, two performers, actors and now aspiring comics from the Jenin Club.
Ismael Shehada said that the CMO provides wider access of AstraZeneca's innovative medicines to patients who need them, and is in strong alignment with Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision.
COMEDY Mark Thomas: Showtime From The Frontline Mark will recall how he dodged cultural and literal bullets trying to set up a comedy club in a refugee camp in Palestine, alongside Fasial Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada, two actors and now aspiring comics from the camp.
Mark promises to tell the story of this tricky enterprise, aided by aspiring actors and comics Faisal Abu Alhayjaa and Alaa Shehada who live there.
To remove organic contaminants, the surface of SOI-NW sensor chip was treated with isopropanol and then silanized in 3% APTES solution during 60 min at room temperature to provide amino functionality of the surface analogously to the technique described by Shehada et al.