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(ʃəˌhɛr əˈzɑ də, -ˈzɑd, -ˌhɪər-)

(in The Arabian Nights' Entertainments) the wife of the sultan of India, who relates such interesting tales nightly that the sultan spares her life.
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In the story framing the tales, it is only through the courage and wit of the young woman, Sheherazade, who volunteers to be the king's bride, and the thousand and one tales she invents and tells night after night, that Shahrayar is healed of his obsession and the remaining virgins of his kingdom saved from death.
As a bonus, Naxos offers a compelling version of Ravel's Sheherazade, also with Boulianne as soloist.--NC
TORY environment guru and multimillionaire Zac Goldsmith is divorcing his wife Sheherazade - who is set to get one of Britain's biggest-ever settlements.
Qu'ils sont loin ces jours," "Grands Phararons," "Non!" Maurice Ravel: Sheherazade: "Asie," "La flute enchantee," "L'indifferent." Benjamin Britten: Phaedra.
Environmentalist Sheherazade Goldsmith shares many of the concerns of Perry and his fellow Compacters, though she hasn't sworn off consumption altogether.
Aphrodite, Pandora, and Sheherazade ("Sherry") meet on breaks to escape into the troubles of others, courtesy of Sheherazade's storytelling.
Ravel's ravishing Sheherazade was the most disappointing part of the concert.
(International sales: Sheherazade Media International, Teheran.)
The duke is in for an appealing evening of French music, with Ravel's La Valse and Sheherazade, sung by soprano Joan Rodgers, as well as Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique.
So, we really have focused on having big productions during Souk Ukaz in which we'll launch the activities with a two night theatrical performance of Rimsky Korsakov's Sheherazade. It is a seductive and enchanting retelling of the 1,001 Nights.
Sheherazade's Tales, on May 15, is a one-nighter in the Gulbenkian, with storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton relating her steamy version of The Thousand And One Nights for an adult audience.
Bakhchisaray shows some similarities with Fokine's Sheherazade and Prince Igor, but even more with the heavy histrionics of those Soviet silent-film epics.