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 (shĭ-kē′nə, -KHē′-, -kī′-)
n. Judaism
A visible manifestation of the divine presence as described in Jewish theology.

[Mishnaic Hebrew šəkînâ, from Hebrew šākan, to dwell; see škn in Semitic roots.]
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because the attribute of severe judgement will prevail for the first five hundred years, with the attribute of grace reigning for the next five hundred years, which means that salvation is near!" (9) Interestingly, the meaning of the year 5500 was presented in a similar manner by the Habad tradition: the sixth millennium is a messianic period, its first half is the night, and in 5500, at the start of the second half, the dawn and the period of preparations for heavenly sabbath, "Shehinah began to rise from dust." (10)
For example, "shehinah," the name for the brilliant light surrounding the presence of God, titles the chapter in which Alex-Li awakens from overdoses of drink and drugs and cannot bear the bright light of day in his eyes.