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A percussion instrument of West African origin consisting of a hollow gourd covered with a loose netting on which beads, shells, or seeds are strung, played by shaking.

[Yoruba ṣẹ̀kẹ̀rẹ̀.]
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It emanated from a musical instrument called maracas which Yorubas call shekere. You will agree with me that it sounds more like 'cheche'.
Rituel ou la symphonie du djembe, de la kora, du shekere, du kalimba entre en parfaite osmose avec le concert des krakech, du luth, du guenbri, du qanoun...C'est a minuit que la cinephilie deploie son manteau magique sur l'ecran multicolore de nos nuits blanches!
(3) For a historical background to all this, go to Caliphate Colonialism--The taproot of the trouble with Nigeria (Shekere), at: http://rhythmsofshekere.
Traditional percussion is also featured with djembe and doumdouba, calabash and shekere.
The airline's Harmony campaign invites participants to interact with a specially-commissioned musical composition, which has been recorded by professional musicians playing traditional instruments from around the world, such as the harp, Taiko drum, bass guitar, saxophone, Shekere, Oudht and Indian Flute.
Called Thinking Outside The Triangle, it will introduce youngsters not just to traditional cymbals, xylophones and triangles, but also to some intriguing-sounding instruments such as the caxixi, shekere and crotales.
Caption(s): Ambience/Minka Group's Casa Cristina ceramic table lamp with beaded netting is inspired by the shekere, a percussion instrument used in Latin folk music.
She's Vicki Randle, and for 10 years she's been right up front, starting each show with her West African shekere, made from a hollow gourd.
Also hailing from Mexico, but living in London for two decades now, Javier Alvarez presented an hour-long sequence of his percussion-based compositions on Saturday, featuring Simon Limbrick on steel pans, maracas and shekere (an African gourd-shaker).