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 (shĭ-kē′nə, -KHē′-, -kī′-)
n. Judaism
A visible manifestation of the divine presence as described in Jewish theology.

[Mishnaic Hebrew šəkînâ, from Hebrew šākan, to dwell; see škn in Semitic roots.]
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murdering Jewish children as if she were the Shekhinah gathering shattered bits of the profane world" (2013, 178).
The Shekhinah (feminine aspect of God) is not a Viennese dame who is accustomed to having her hand kissed.
Through a series of emanations (sefirot), God passes down to his ultimate manifestation, the Shekhinah (= a feminized divine presence, which also symbolizes the Assembly of Israel).
Eleanor Wilner's collections of poetry include maya (1979), Shekhinah (1984), Sarah's Choice (1989), Otherwise (1993), Reversing the Spell: New and Selected Poems (1998), The Girl with Bees in Her Hair (2004), and Tourist in Hell (2010).
We must remember that God is also Mother, Spirit, and Shekhinah, lest we deny our maternal and feminine experiences of grace, tighten the noose around divine and human wholeness, and foreclose the imaginative flexibility of the Bible itself, not to mention the great intellectual and mystical tradition of the church.
In another late late finish, Shekhinah Chipfatsure scored Merseyside's winner, in the second minute of injury time, to provide a 3-2 victory over North Yorkshire, in the U16 National County Cup.
It was the staff at Shekhinah Clinic that asked me to come and listen to her story.
Isis, Mawu-Lisa, Demeter, Gaia, Shakti, Dakinis, Shekhinah, Astarte, Ishtar, Rhea, Freya, Nerthus, Brigid, Danu--call Her what you may--[the 'Great Mother in her many aspects'] has been with us from the beginning and awaits us now.
Como se ha visto hasta ahora, la familia judia es centro fundamental de la vida del judaismo; alli se educa la prole en la religion, se santifica la vida cotidiana y en ella esta la Shekhinah.
Shekhinah Al-Aziz, Nolan Baird, Liandra Boddie, Brianna Borey, Kobey Bouthsarath, Nashali Burgos, Leslie Claudio Roman, Florencia Corbo, Ryan Cormier, Sokhna Crespin, Chanh Dang Nguyen, Gaelle Deronnett, Anthony Detmer, Anailis Diaz, Karisma Duong, Jacob Eckstein, Shellaina Gordon, Angela Keene, Destinee Kennedy, Justin Koch, Jack Lanni, Matthew Lanni, Alydia Le, Sydney Leblanc, Carlos Lopez Jr.
In 'The Sabbath Guests,' a story attributed to Rabbi Eizik of Kallo, a famous Hungarian master[,] the Shekhinah and the Messiah arrive unexpectedly at Rabbi Eizik's house on the Sabbath as a couple wishing to be married.
The otherness of Mary as Virgin Mother placed her out of reach of human identification, but Marian devotion, revived in the Middle Ages, was not only deeply important to Catholics, it also influenced medieval Jewish mystical understandings of God's immanent presence, the Shekhinah, as feminine, as the scholar Arthur Green has masterfully demonstrated.