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 (shĭ-kē′nə, -KHē′-, -kī′-)
n. Judaism
A visible manifestation of the divine presence as described in Jewish theology.

[Mishnaic Hebrew šəkînâ, from Hebrew šākan, to dwell; see škn in Semitic roots.]
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The Aurora Nemenzo Almendral Award, which recognizes a scholar, chosen by FTW cofounders, who displays the ambition, attitude and technical excellence to make a meaningful positive societal impact through work in her chosen field, was presented to Nam Shekina Desembrana (data science).
Shekina "Ki" Magee is the Agile coach for the Executive Office's Systems Development Division in the Bureau of Human Resources.
Possibly the printer intended to hint that he was a Marrano (secret observer of Judaism) who had taken refuge under the wings of the Shekina (Divine presence).
Also survived by 4 grandchildren, Tara Flynn (Tom) of MA, Hilary Mooney of NH, Brendon Carey (Daniele) of Martinique, West Indies, and Sean Carey of New Orleans, LA; 6 great-grandchildren, Nicole Eldredge, Ashley and Joey Flynn of MA, Cameron and Alyson Mooney of NH and Shekina Carey of Martinique, West Indies; and a niece, Judith M.
The garden is the Shekina Garden, found in County Wicklow, a region known as the "garden of Ireland." In addition to trees, shrubs, ponds, and a stream, the garden includes several well-appointed sculptures.
Shekina, a group from Chicago, joined London's GK Real to perform alongside local singers.
STAR Trek's Leonard Nimoy has lost a battle - his plan to show slides of naked ladies from his photography book Shekina at a Jewish charity was scuppered by demands that he show only tame images.
Our Song and Shekina present a rich swirl of mystic ritual and charismatic multi-layered vocals.
Israel's tenuous, historical exile amidst the nations representing power history is actually a thisworldly manifestation of the spiritual exile or metaphysical separation from the world that it shares with the Shekina. [45]