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a.1.Variegated; spotted; speckled; piebald.
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Studies on the saprophytic survival of Fusarium moniliforme Sheld.
A g" gainst Sheld it was a great fore-check, then a good shot from O'Marra which came othe pads and I was able to put it in the net to go to 2-0.
David Morrish, course leader for fashion design at Sheld Hallam, said: ""e standard in this competition is extremely high, so for Emma to make it this far is fantastic.
chest out and pride to my " Prior to boxing, Woodhouse made more than 300 appearances at Sheld United, Birmingham City and Hull, including a stint in the Premier League.
Holi One's UK tour will also be taking place in Southampton, Sheld, Liverpool, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Plymouth, London, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Dublin, Belfast, and Bristol.
Armenian viper, Armenian gull, black stork, yellow wagtail, owl, pale harrier, hen harrier, peregrine, roody sheld duck, etc.
Structurally, polyenes are tightly packed rod sheld in rigid extension by the polyene portion.
Some biological, biochemical and nutritional changes in mango tissues in relation with infection with Fusarium moniliforme Sheld.
For example, using Webster's Second the letter tree s-ht-eao-lnrw-fdeks (shelf, sheld, shend, shene, shand, shane, share, shark, stand, stane, stare, stark, store, stork, stowk, stows) has at least 168 relatives in its extended family.
And according to Montreal Canadien Sheld on Souray, that road is even longer for players from remote Aboriginal communities.
And his stock will rise immeasurably if he can mastermind Glens first win of the season over the league leaders in Tuesday's Calor Country Antrim Sheld decider.