Shelikof Strait

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Shel·i·kof Strait

A strait of southern Alaska between the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island. Cook Inlet is at its northern end.
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It is the largest island in the Kodiak Archipelago, which is located in the northwestern Gulf of Alaska, separated from the Alaska Peninsula by Shelikof Strait.
Her husband's family has fished for more than thirty years in Uyak Bay, Alaska; when she married him, they built their own fishing cabin on the family's site on Amook Island, off Kodiak Island, between the Pacific Ocean and Shelikof Strait.
James McCarthy, originally from Ringaskiddy in Co Cork, has been released from hospital in the US after being exposed to 3C water for 25 minutes in the Shelikof Strait, Gulf of Alaska.
Geographically situated northeast to southwest the Kodiak archipelago is a 177 mile collection of islands surrounded by Cook Inlet to the north, the Gulf of Alaska to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the south, and Shelikof Strait to the west.
3) conducted a series of surveys for marine mammals in the eastern Bering Sea and Shelikof Strait (Fig.
Three of the region's main pollock fisheries have been closed or severely limited due to overfishing: two in the Bering Sea--the Aleutian Island and Bogoslov fisheries; and one in the Gulf of Alaska--the Shelikof Strait roe fishery.
For example, landmasses at the northern entrance to Shelikof Strait (Kennedy-Stevenson Entrance) allow only about 70% of the ACC water to enter the Strait.
Finally, while the full range of the Cook Inlet beluga stock may extend from the inlet to Yakutat Bay and Shelikof Strait (Hazard, 1988), sightings outside Cook Inlet are extremely rare (Laidre et al.
For instance, within the Gulf of Alaska, spawning pollock aggregate at specific locations in Shelikof Strait, Prince William Sound, and in the Shumagin Islands region (Bailey et al.
Joint ventures became most important in the pollock fishery first in the GOA after discovery of the pollock spawning assemblage in Shelikof Strait in 1980.