Shell button

A button made of shell
A hollow button made of two pieces, as of metal, one for the front and the other for the back, - often covered with cloth, silk, etc.

See also: Shell, Shell

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Each cushion has heart-shaped shell button fastenings.
Each unique flower comes equipped with an elegant shell button for attaching to the jacket's lapel.
Creatives notice the details: a zip-pull, the roll on a collar, a fully-fashioned seam, clever binding, a shell button.
JAM SANDWICH PYJAMAS Children's brushed cotton unisex pyjamas in a red and biscuit check, with real shell buttons and straight leg trousers with an elasticated waist and drawstring.
Ms Massey, who hopes to have a workshop employing local people, said, 'I started by making bespoke tops with lots of embellishment and decoration, such as shell buttons, which sold well at Christmas.
Some sample projects: cornhusk angel ornament, shell buttons, fabric dyeing, printing with leaves on fabric and paper, and making a raffia basket.
Pieced together of overlapping strips of cotton and synthetic material and decorated with shell buttons, amulets, and tokens, the 64" by 56" robe has been built up over the years to honor ancestors and generations to come.
Leather and tortoise shell buttons appear as drawer pulls.