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 (shə-mäg′, shmäg)

[Colloquial Arabic šimāġ, probably from Turkish yaşmak, yaşmağ-, yashmak; see yashmak.]
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25 000 17 000 shemagh handkerchiefs and scarves in various colors,
I have a desire to get our heritage and identity spread abroad, while they know nothing about mishlah as compared to the cloak, shemagh and iqal, so when the Saudi woman wears a cloak made of mishlah fabric and travels abroad, she thus helps me to achieve my goal," she said.
Successfully showcasing the local produce of the UAE, the Emirati pavilion usually sees a rush of shoppers, cruising for traditional products such as Abayas (cloaks for women), Jellabiyas (traditional wide-cut garmets), Shemagh (square Arab headdress), Sheila (headcover for both men and women), besides other Emirati specialties like Khous baskets, made from palm fronds.
Abdullah's shrouded body was borne on a simple litter by members of the royal family wearing traditional red-and-white checked shemagh head gear.
Television pictures showed Abdullah's covered body borne on a simple litter carried by members of the royal family wearing traditional red-and-white checked shemagh headgear, following prayers.
The shemagh is a square piece of fabric, usually around three feet on a side.
The traditional shemagh makes a great headcover, sunshade, dust mask, even a sling or tourniquet, and the troops love 'em.
Other popular items among the Top 100 Deployment Gear items include: lightweight, form-fitting undergarments and socks that are specially made to expel perspiration and keep in warmth; water-resistant parkas; lightweight casual wear; rigger belts; gloves; and a traditional desert headdress known as a shemagh, which is designed to protect from the sun, wind and sand.
But even then he was conscious of the fact that he would need to keep a low profile if he went on patrol elsewhere in the country, even partially covering his face with a Shemagh, a scarf.
He said: "I think dressed in the same uniform as numerous other people, thousands o f other people in Afghanistan will give me one of the best chances to be just a normal person - with a helmet on, with a shemagh (scarf) with goggles on, whatever .
Since 2005 the Defence Clothing Integrated Project Team within the Defence Equipment and Support organisation has fielded items such as the Desert Disruptive Pattern Material waistcoat, a new combat assault desert boot, a new shemagh (a large 'headscarf' that provides protection against sun, sand and wind), wrap-around combat spectacles that provide low impact protection and close fitting combat goggles that provide medium impact protection.
The enemy will carry a rifle or rocket-propelled grenade, a shemagh (head scarf) and a water bottle if he is lucky.