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 (kō′bē′, -bā′)
A city of southern Honshu, Japan, on Osaka Bay southwest of Kyoto. A port and manufacturing center, it was almost entirely rebuilt after World War II. The city was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1995.


(Placename) a port in S Japan, on S Honshu on Osaka Bay: formed in 1889 by the amalgamation of Hyogo and Kobe; a major industrial complex, producing ships, steel, and rubber goods. Pop: 1 478 380 (2002 est)


(ˈkoʊ bi, -beɪ)

a seaport on S Honshu, in S Japan. 1,413,000.
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Noun1.Kobe - a port city in Japan on Osaka Bay in southern Honshu; was damaged by an earthquake in 1995
Hondo, Honshu - the central and largest of the four main islands of Japan; between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean; regarded as the Japanese mainland
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The following manufacturers are covered: *OILMEN'S *Isuzu *Seneca Tank *Dongfeng *FAW *YATE *CHUFEI *Heli Shenhu
On May 18, the Ministry of Land and Resources of the Peoples Republic of China held an on-the spot meeting at the Blue Whale 1 semi-submersible drilling rig in the Shenhu Area of the Northern South China Sea to announce Chinas first successful pilot production of natural gas hydrates.
During the continental rift stage, the HZS developed the Paleocene Shenhu Fm, the Eocene Wenchang, Enping Fm, and the Oligocene Zhuhai Fm.
Microbial diversity in the hydrate-containing and -free surface sediments in the Shenhu area, South China Sea.
The theophoric nature of animal-cycle-based anthroponyms is clearly manifested by such examples as Hubao, Huyou, Shenhu, Longbao, Niunu, Niushen etc.
So, we have implemented BISQ porous medium model to study Shenhu Area, South China Sea.
In May 2007, the gas hydrate samples and various log data of gas hydrate zone were firstly obtained in Shenhu area, South China Sea, which made a significant breakthrough in exploration of gas hydrate in China.
Liverpool - who beat Chinese side Shanghai Shenhu 2-0 yesterday - have agreed to match the figure and make Heinze the first player since Phil Chisnall in 1964 to move between the clubs, but United are unwilling to sell to their historic rivals.
The ex-Rangers midfielder's contract with Chinese side Shenhu ends this month and he says he hopes to return to Scotland.
Albertz, who is now plying his trade with Shanghai club Shenhu, was gutted to miss Rangers' 2-1 win over his fellow Germans the Champions League matches were not broadcast anywhere in China.