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 (shē′ōl′, shē-ōl′)
The abode of the dead in the Bible.

[Hebrew šə'ôl.]


(ˈʃiːəʊl; -ɒl)
1. (Bible) the abode of the dead
2. (Bible) (often not capital) hell
[C16: from Hebrew shĕ'ōl]


(ˈʃi oʊl)

n. Hebrew Theol.
1. the abode of the dead or of departed spirits.
2. (l.c.) hell.
[1590–1600; < Hebrew shə'ōl]
References in classic literature ?
Of course these iron dudes of the Round Table would think it was scandalous, and maybe raise Sheol about it, but as for me, give me comfort first, and style after- wards.
I see no other way, Ja," I said, "though I can assure you that I would rather go to Sheol after Perry than to Phutra.
Ja asked me what Sheol was, and when I explained, as best I could, he said, "You are speaking of Molop Az, the flaming sea upon which Pellucidar floats.
An e droch-fhortan a bha ann neo for-ordachadh a bhith air bord nuair a sheol an Iolaire?
We might also consider the mythological backdrop of the verse, which invokes the deities Sheol and Resheph.
If I ascend to heaven, you are there; if I make my bed in Sheol, you are there.
Alli se narra el relato que Carino y Leucio, dos supuestos hijos del anciano Simeon, resucitados en el momento de la muerte del Senor (13), hacen sobre como fue el descenso de Cristo al sheol (14).
Y compris ceux qui parlent des peuples africains (Fils de Sheol, son dernier roman), des aborigenes (L'enfant du peuple ancien) les Andalous ([euro][sup.
THE Greeks interpreted the location as Hades, the Babylonians knew it as Aralu, the Hebrews call the infernal region Sheol, and the Hindus describe the place as Narakat.
Pero cuando el espiritu soplo, la sociedad en su forma cosmologica se convirtio en Sheol, la morada de los muertos.
En la tradicion judaica el Sheol designaba las profundidades de la tierra, era la habitacion desolada donde los muertos descendian.
The year 2015 has been the year for Boualem Sansal 's 2084: The End of the World (La fin du monde), Yasmina Khadra 's The Dictator's Last Night , Waciny Laaredj 's [euro]*aa[euro] [euro][euro] ae [euro]*aa[euro]u[euro]ae[euro] ( The Last Arab Man , soon to be translated in French by Marcel Bois), Anouar Benmalek 's Le fils du Sheol ( The Son of Sheol ), Maissa Bey 's Hiziya , Amin Zaoui 's ae[euro] aa [euro]*aa[euro][degrees][euro] [euro] aeaaaeaa ( Just Before Love ), and Kamel Daoud 's The Meurseault Investigation crowned-in-translation.