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 (shĕr′ĭ-dn), Philip Henry 1831-1888.
American Union general. Active in the Chattanooga (1863) and Wilderness (1864) campaigns, he routed Confederate forces at the Battle of Five Forks (1865).


, Richard Brinsley 1751-1816.
British playwright and politician known for his satirical comedies of manners, including The Rivals (1775), which features the catachrestic character Mrs. Malaprop.


1. (Biography) Philip Henry. 1831–88, American Union cavalry commander in the Civil War. He forced Lee's surrender to Grant (1865)
2. (Biography) Richard Brinsley (ˈbrɪnzlɪ). 1751–1816, Irish dramatist, politician, and orator, noted for his comedies of manners The Rivals (1775), School for Scandal (1777), and The Critic (1779)


(ˈʃɛr ɪ dn)

1. Philip Henry, 1831–88, U.S. general.
2. Richard Brinsley, 1751–1816, Irish playwright and political leader.
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Noun1.Sheridan - Irish playwright remembered for his satirical comedies of manners (1751-1816)Sheridan - Irish playwright remembered for his satirical comedies of manners (1751-1816)
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In the same book, I met with one of Sheridan's mighty speeches on and in behalf of Catholic eman- cipation.
A few days before the surrender at Appomattox a thunderous engagement between the commands of Sheridan and Pickett was unknown to the latter commander, a mile in the rear of his own line.
"Here is the address--Jacob Shafter, Sheridan Street.
If you want me, you'll find me at Jacob Shafter's on Sheridan Street, Vermissa; so I'm not hiding from you, am I?
7, Saville Row, Burlington Gardens, the house in which Sheridan died in 1814.
A tradesman who had long dunned him for a note of three hundred guineas, found him one day counting gold, and demanded payment: --"No," said Fox, "I owe this money to Sheridan; it is a debt of honor; if an accident should happen to me, he has nothing to show." "Then," said the creditor, "I change my debt into a debt of honor," and tore the note in pieces.
The best of them are "The Stone Fleet,' 'In the Prison Pen,' 'The College Colonel,' 'The March to the Sea,' 'Running the Batteries,' and 'Sheridan at Cedar Creek.' Some of these had a wide circulation in the press, and were preserved in various anthologies.
Why, you might as well say we ought to pull down Westminster Abbey, and put up a go-to-meeting shop with churchwarden windows; or never read Shakespeare, but only Sheridan Knowles.
Dear ladies, as your excellent Sheridan said, I go--and leave my character behind me."
For the 89th Sheridan WYO Rodeo and Street Dance, Sheridan County Law Enforcement teamed up as part of a countywide, multi-agency Impaired Driving Enforcement Operation.