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n.1.The part of a plow which projects downward beneath the beam, for holding the share and other working parts; - also called standard, or post.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The same news was also teased by Realme India's CEO Madhav Sheth but in a different way.
Sheth Abdul Rasul built the school and named it after his father, Sheth Allidina Visram, a merchant.It is believed that ghosts initially inhabited the school because it was built on a cemetery for Indian Muslims.
Summary: California [USA], Aug 26 (ANI): Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio's new environmental fund with Laurene Powell Jobs and Brian Sheth has pledged USD 5 million towards the preservation of the Amazon rainforest as wildfires continue to ravage "the planet's lungs".
20 -- Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has revealed the name of the company's upcoming smartphone that comes with a 64MP camera sensor.
"This is one of our fastest growing geographies globally and we are thrilled that this new investment in people, premise and partnerships in this region will accelerate our momentum further," said Milan Sheth, executive vice president, India Middle East and Africa, Automation Anywhere.
Haren Sheth who has been working in the industrial filtration field for over four decades.
BOWLING: Rajpoot 10-0-61-2 (1nb, 5w); Sheth 7-0-51-0; Mulani 7-0-40-1 (1w); Markande 10-0-47-1 (3w); Yadav 10-0-37-1 (1w); Rana 6-0-30-1 (1nb).
Nilesh Sheth, 54, faked documents to set up 400 'mule' accounts for cyber bandits while he worked as a personal banking manager with Barclays.
The management of Mashreq responds: Thank you for sharing Mr Dharmesh Sheth's concern with us.
Had he when he would have good Jigna Sheth, Ms Jigna Sheth, the consultant paediatric surgeon who operated on Kayden after he had gone into arrest, told the court she felt it 'appropriate' to apologise to the family for the care they had received at the hospital.
JMI announced the promotions of Sureel Sheth, Jackie Coombe, and Melissa Guttman to Principal, and Ryan Russell, Chase Thomet, and Mac Williams to Vice President.