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 (shə-vät′, shvät) also She·bat (shə-bät′, -vät′)
The eleventh month of the year in the Jewish calendar. See Table at calendar.

[Hebrew šəbāṭ, from Akkadian šabāṭu, a month name; see šbṭ in Semitic roots.]
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(ʃɛˈvat) or


(Judaism) (in the Jewish calendar) the eleventh month of the year according to biblical reckoning and the fifth month of the civil year
[from Hebrew]
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(ʃəˈvɑt, -ˈvɔt)

also Shebat

the fifth month of the Jewish calendar.
[1525–35; < Hebrew shəbhāṭ]
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Noun1.Shevat - the fifth month of the civil year: the eleventh month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in January and February)
Hebrew calendar, Jewish calendar - (Judaism) the calendar used by the Jews; dates from 3761 BC (the assumed date of the Creation of the world); a lunar year of 354 days is adjusted to the solar year by periodic leap years
Jewish calendar month - a month in the Jewish calendar
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