Sheyenne River

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Shey·enne River

 (shī-ĕn′, -ăn′)
A river, about 525 km (325 mi) long, rising in central North Dakota and flowing east, south, and northeast to the Red River of the North above Fargo.
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North Dakota Department of Transportation $100,000 The funds will be used to repair roads and infrastructure throughout the James and Sheyenne River Basins that were damaged by flooding.
Valley City, which is nicknamed the “City of Bridges” due to the many bridges in the area, is in the heart of the Sheyenne River Valley.
developer of the Keystone oil pipeline, has agreed to lay stronger pipe near a lake and aquifer, and drill a Sheyenne River crossing to save nearby trees and foilage, the North Dakoka Public Service Commission reported on Jan.
The rising waters led to a proposal to create a diversion that would allow the lake to be drained into the nearby Sheyenne River, which flows northward into the Red River, which, in turn, flows into Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba.
A directionally drilled crossing was required of the Sheyenne River in Barnes County.
From there, the water would flow into the Sheyenne River to the Red River for industrial and municipal use by communities.
In 2012 water began flowing from the east end outlet of Devils Lake into the Sheyenne River.
The Glacial Sheyenne Delta was formed near the end of the Wisconsin Glaciation as glacial meltwater of the Sheyenne River emptied into Glacial Lake Agassiz and deposited sands, clays and gravels (Baker and Paulson, 1967).
However, since North Dakota started pumping water from Devil's Lake into the Sheyenne River it became a problem of not quantity, but quality.
It confluences with the Sheyenne River near Fargo, North Dakota and enters the Red River north of Fargo.
Size characteristic of the Unionid mussel species Pygandon grandis and Lampsilis siliquoidea at three sites on the Sheyenne River were examined to determine the effect of species richness and density on mussel population size.