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shih tzu

 (shē′ dzo͞o′)
A dog of a breed developed in China, probably from a Tibetan breed, having a long flowing coat, short legs, a square muzzle, and a tail that curls over the back.

[Mandarin shīzi (gǒu), lion (dog), shih tzu, from Middle Chinese ʂṛ tsẓ´, lion, from earlier *srij-tsəʔ, probably from Tocharian B ṣecake, lion (with the second syllable of the Tocharian word reanalyzed as the Old Chinese noun formative suffix *tsəʔ; see gyoza); akin to Tocharian A śiśäk, lion, of unknown origin.]
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Shih Tzu

(ˈʃi ˈdzu)
one of a Tibetan breed of small dogs with a short muzzle, long ears, and a long luxuriant coat forming a mustache and beard.
[1945–50; < Chinese shīzi (gǒu) literally, lion (dog)]
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