Shifting center

See Metacenter.

See also: Shifting

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As I took class, I remained mindful of my shifting center of balance, my turns gradually became releves and I stopped jumping after 20 weeks as directed by my PT.
Christie's new budget proposal allows for $83 million in state and federal funding, and includes nearly $20 million to assist the state with shifting center residents into community placement and other related programs.
When we asked what trends our participants were watching today, we heard about remote workers and the shifting center of gravity of R&D toward the Far East.
Fast, massive technological transformation and a shifting center of gravity ended the certitude of Western dominance.
And while a shifting center (or total lack of center) has, of course, long been the prerogative of abstract painting, its affect has rarely been so obviously generated by the viewer instead of by the artist.
Due to the shifting center of gravity of the machine coupled with the shifting of the liquid in the tank, rollovers are occurring when they normally wouldn't resulting in injury and death.
Martin's evidence suggests that the consensus against ordaining women to the priesthood masks an instability in the supporting argumentation, and he carefully traces the shifting center of argument (as well as periods of silence) across the centuries.
Unlike bending down to pick up a box, her movement involves a person with a shifting center of gravity whose movements can range from listlessness to combativeness.
Democracy, according to Portelli, is at "the shifting center" between opposites: "delegation and participation"; a democracy's order and a revolution's disorder; institutional language and factional speech forms; and "the equality of citizenship rights" and controversial difference as a political issue.
The result was a shifting center of power in the Republican party to the West and a policy reorientation among many politicians within the Democratic party.
This shifting center of gravity therefore acts as a massive inertial pump, slowly driving Earth's internal magmatic stratum and setting the tectonic plates into motion.
The investment themes have been developed through three key content pillars: Shifting centers of power; the new investment paradigm; and innovation for a better world.