Murasaki Shikibu

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Mu·ra·sa·ki Shi·ki·bu

 (mo͞o′rä-sä′kē shē′kē-bo͞o′), Baroness 978?-1031?
Japanese writer whose The Tale of Genji greatly influenced later Japanese fiction and is among the first examples of the novel as a literary form.

Murasaki Shikibu

(ˌmʊərɑːˈsɑːkiː ˈʃiːkiːˌbuː)
(Biography) 11th-century Japanese court lady, author of The Tale of Genji, perhaps the world's first novel

Mu•ra•sa•ki Shi•ki•bu

(ˌmʊər əˈsɑ ki ˈʃi kiˌbu)

Lady, 978?–1031?, Japanese poet and novelist.
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Tale of Genji, The Masterpiece of Japanese literature written by LADY SHIKIBU MURASAKI toward the beginning of the 11th century; it was originally published as Genji monogatari.
I'm a little reluctant to give away too much, but I will reveal that even though Shikibu Murasaki, the author of the Tales of Genji, does not appear in my novel, there will be a poet who was about 100 years older than her.