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In May, the Okawa Village of Kochi Prefecture located on rural Shikoku Island was obliged, in an unprecedented move, to abolish its village council.
Two ABE Initiative program participants did an internship in September at a yuzu company located in a mountainous area of Tokushima prefecture, on Shikoku Island.
The season's 11th tropical typhoon made landfall in the western region in the morning after hitting Shikoku Island late Thursday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.
There are no nuclear plants on Okinawa, but there are two on Kyushu and one on Shikoku island, which borders Kyushu and could be hit.
Halong made two landfalls over Shikoku Island and Hyogo prefecture in western Japan.
6 million people in total, while a wide area on Shikoku island was submerged, NHK said.
There is another on Shikoku island, which borders Kyushu and could also be affected.
The typhoon is expected to bring up to 200 millimeters of rainfall in northern parts of Kyusyu for 24 hours through Wednesday noon, while the Shikoku Island may observe 250 mm, according to the agency.
near Shikoku island, causing rainfall of up to 100 millimeters per hour, the weather agency said based on radar analysis.
4 reactor, the target figure will be scrapped for Hokuriku, Chubu and Chugoku while dropping 2 points to 5 percent on Shikoku Island.
Shikoku Island in western Japan may also see up to 250 mm of rain, while the northern Kyushu and Chugoku regions in southwestern Japan may experience about 150 mm of rain during that period.
The suspension also means that only one of the utility's three reactors serving the Shikoku Island in western Japan is now in operation.