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n. pl. Shilluk or Shil·luks
1. A member of a people inhabiting the western bank of the Nile River in South Sudan.
2. The Nilotic language of the Shilluk.
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As for G-11, they would either be forced to join the vicar of Ngundeng or retire from politics for good because during the 2010 election, the Shilluks told Gen.
The objectives of the study are to figure out how marriage among the shilluks (a Nilotic tribe from South Sudan) generates gender disparities and explains resulting gender power relations and to throw light on aspects of gender power relation promoted by marriage.
If Shilluks are being killed today, they should not blame Nuer and Dinka.
The recent standoff over the change of name from Malakal to Makal County is an eye opener for many Shilluks.
The constant fights within various Dinka sections in Lakes and Warrap States and the recent fight between Murles and the Nuers in Jonglei and between the Shilluks and the Dinkas in Malakal are reminders of such divisions.