Shin Shu

1.The leading and most progressive Buddhist sect of Japan, resting its faith rather upon Amida than Gautama Buddha. Rites and ceremonies are held useless without uprightness.
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Generally known as Denver Buddhist Association, it belongs to Jodo Shin Shu (True Pure Land Sect) founded by Shinran Shonin (saint) (1173-1262).
Jodo Shin Shu can be translated as "True Pure Land Religion" in English.
Among other forms of verbalization, NEMBUTSU expresses the most significant principle of the Jodo Shin Shu sect.
The way that enables followers to communicate with the Buddha was invented by Shinran, the founder of Jodo Shin Shu.
In our Jodo Shin Shu temple, here's everyday living.
Given its simplicity, NEMBUTSU has been embraced by Jodo Shin Shu members.
To protect and preserve the Teachings of the Buddha, Jodo Shin Shu practices NEMBUTSU , calling AMIDA Buddha's name to communicate with the Buddha.
In this way, Jodo Shin Shu Buddhists are able to protect and preserve the Teachings of the Buddha by means of holding Sunday services for every member of the sect.
It was often the case that those anecdotes served as a comic relief as well as a hint in everyday life for understanding Buddhism, because in Jodo Shin Shu training in everyday living is emphasized.